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22.09.2016. 10:53

1. General conditions.  These terms constitute a legal agreement between the user of the site and the Seller. By accessing, browsing or using, the User of the site acknowledges that he has read, understood and consented to these terms and shall comply with them and other applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, which regulate the legal relationship of the Seller and the User of the site, as well as the Customers.

Use of is considered to constitute a full consent of each user to these terms, including all changes made therein.  The Seller shall be entitled at any time to review these Terms and any other information contained by this site. The changes become effective upon publishing thereof at the site The Seller shall be also entitled to make improvements or changes in the products, services or programs made available at the site without warning before and at any time. Changes of the terms that have been effected after the Customer has placed an order shall not apply to then given order. The service shall be provided to the Customer on the grounds of the version of the Terms, which was effective at the time when the order of the Customer was made. 

 2. Completing the order and terms of execution. All prices specified at the site are reflected in EUR (euro) and contain all applicable taxes. The specified prices of the goods shall be effective while the products are in stock. The payment consists of the price of the goods specified at the store and the delivery costs, calculated before the payment.  In case of payment by bank transfer, the payment shall be deemed as effected at the date when the money has been received at the bank account of The order shall be sent out within 2-6 business days.

 3. Payment. You can pay for the purchases by using the Braintree services. Braintree – is an international payment service, which ensures payment by credit cards. 

 4. Delivery. Delivery both within Latvia and beyond shall be ensured by using the services of the Latvian Post. In general VAS „Latvijas Pasts” shall deliver the goods to any place in the territory of Latvia within 2-10 business days. Delivery abroad takes 3-21 business days.   If the Customer in the Republic of Latvia has not received his order within 16 days since the date of ordering, he shall notify the Seller of this fact by sending an e-mail to, specifying the number and date of his purchase.

 5. Return of the goods.  If the goods fail to comply with the preferences of the Customer, the Customer shall be entitled to return them within 10 days. In order to returned the purchased goods the Customer shall inform the Seller of this in writing by sending an e-mail to,  specifying the invoice number.

  • The goods can be returned only in case if they are undamaged and unused.
  • All costs related to the return or replacement of the goods shall be covered by the Customer. The Seller shall be entitled to unilaterally recover these costs from the payment of the Customer for the goods.  

 6. Confidentiality. The Buyer consents to data processing (use) in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, undertaken by the Seller, and these shall be used for the purpose of ensuring the services offered by  Atstaro-reflect shall ensure your privacy and the protection of the private data and shall not disclose  and transfer the personal information you have provided to third parties. The Seller shall not be responsible for the accuracy, correctness and reliability of the information provided by the Customer in the registration form.  

 7. Dispute settlement and responsibility of the parties. The parties shall settle all disputes and disagreements arising during the execution of the orders by negotiations. If the parties fail to reach settlement of disputes by negotiations, they shall invite a certified mediator for the settlement of disputes. The aforementioned shall not deprive the parties of the rights to refer the dispute for consideration to the court of the Republic of Latvia.


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